To make your data processing even more convenient, we have built in the Questions and Answers section that serves as a secure email within our data rooms. 

With the necessary level of access to the Q&A, users can share messages, files and links to the documents inside the VDR. 

There are five levels of access to the Q&A section:

  • “None” access is given if you plan no in-room communication between users and Q&A coordinators, or between users and other users;
  • “View” - with this level of access users can only view questions and answers posted by users of own group;
  • “Post to own group” - gives an option to post questions to group members (works for all cases except individual user groups);
  • “Post” - users can communicate not only with their group mates, but also with Q&A coordinators;
  • “Q&A coordinator” has unlimited access to the Q&A section, can view and reply to all questions, close and delete questions.


A post in the Q&A section is available to its author and all his group mates. This does not apply to individual user groups.

An Individual user has the option to post questions to “Q&A coordinators”, but when a coordinator replies to this post, the user sees the Q&A coordinator’s name and the group they belong to.

To view the available discussions, simply go to the Q&A section and select the necessary discussion. 

Non-Q&A coordinator users see only the discussions available to them depending on their access settings.

If a question is deleted from the Q&A section, it cannot be recovered.

Please refer to this Help Center section to learn more on how to start using the Q&A section.

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