In the General settings you can: 

  • enable/disable automatic document indexing

Note: Automatic document indexing option will be useful in case your structure is not indexed yet. “Automatic index numbering” should be switched off before uploading already indexed structure so that files and folders can be sorted by their own names.

  • change automatic question indexing
  • rename the project

Note: The alteration of the project name is available for full administrators only and has immediate effect for all VDR users. Mind, that Project name should not contain illegal symbols, like \ / : * ? " < > |
Contact Customer Support Team to customize the project link. 

  • add the project administrators' contacts 

Note: Project administrators' contacts are needed if in addition to iDeals 24/7 customer support you would like to support the users from your end as well.

  • close the project or/and order flash drive archive

Note: Ordering flash drive(s) is available at any stage of your project. The room closure can be scheduled or immediate.

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