In the data room, there are three types of notes available to different types of users based on their level of access:

  • Private note: can be added by any user and is available to the author only;
  • Administrative note: can be added by administrators only and is visible to all users;
  • Group note: can be posted by all participants except individual users and is available to all the group members.

To add a note, select the folder/file, click the pin icon in the Notes column (on the right side), type the text of the note, select the note type and click “Add”.

Users see a pop-up window with the added note whenever they open the document:

Note: The note pops up every time the file is being opened. A note left next to a folder shows as additional info on the right-hand panel of the selected folder.

To delete a note, select the document with the note and click the delete icon on the right side of the page.

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