iDeals takes invitations delivery to the data room users very seriously. In the Users tab several options that will help the administrator control the whole process are available:

  • You can check the list of users in the Users tab, namely Last signed in column. In case there is no date – this user has not logged into the project yet.
  • In case users have not logged into the project, admins may resend the invitation to them from the VDR.

Resend invitation email option automatically alternates mail sender that increases chances for the email to be delivered.

To resend invitation toggle a target user in the list, click on the menu and choose "Resend invitation email" option. 

  • In case you have mistyped the user’s email or the email itself is incorrect or no longer valid, it will be highlighted in red. Moreover, the project administrators will be sent email notifications with explicit instructions and names of the projects user participates in.

In addition, project administrators can request Support Team to change the email label value to include their company name, administrator's name or any custom value for invitation letters.

In case the recipient still has not received the invitation we recommend:

  • To check spam (junk) box.
  • To add domain and our IP address to the white list to override possible corporate or mailbox restrictions. 
  • Contact Customer Support Team at if none of the above helped.
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