Permissions can be assigned during group creation, as well as from the Documents or Users tab => Permissions.

You can set the permissions by groups if you switch to “Set by Groups” view: this will be convenient if you have a small number of groups.

You can set the permissions by files and folders if you switch to “by Files and Folders” view: this will be convenient if there are many groups and you will be able to view other groups’ permission.

All the permissions are arranged according to the hierarchical descending principle: all the higher level permissions inherit permissions of a lower level.

  • The permission you set on the folder is inherited by its subfolders, but you can also change it if necessary.
  • To enable users to see the content of subfolder, you have to set the permission for the folder to at least “View”.
  • The access is set to “None” by default to all folders, except the folder with Q&A attachments, which is assigned “Download encrypted file” permission.
  • To assign permissions just click on the permissions matrix field where necessary. When you are done, press “Apply”.
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