Common reason for the error

The archive incorporates files with long paths.

A long path is the total file name that consists of the local disk/flash drive name, root folder name, names of folders/subfolders, filename, file extension and exceeds 261 symbols.

Unlike virtual data room, Windows OS / Mac OS restrict actions with such files.

How to open an archive with long paths

To open a zip archive with long paths, we recommend using Total Commander. To download this tool, please use the following link:

This tool is capable of opening archives that contain files with long paths. You will be able to rename files with long paths and copy/paste them to the required location.

How to extract files from an archive using Total Commander

Using iDeals VDR Desktop application, you can download the contents of the data room in original format into a folder instead of a zip archive. However, in this case, access to the files with long paths will still be restricted by Windows/Mac OS.

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