To be able to assign different permission levels to different user groups, we recommend assigning None permission for the root folder. This way, the administrator will be able to assign permissions of different hierarchy for the rest of the folders.

To assign None permission for the root folder, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Documents section;
  2. Hit "Permissions";
  3. Assign None permission to the root folder (the one that has the project name on it);
  4. Assign the necessary permissions to the lower-level folders and files;
  5. Hit "Apply" to save the changes.

Note: In case you assign any other permission to the root folder that is higher than None, e.g. Download PDF, the lower-level folders will also inherit this permission. In this case, the admin will have an option to assign only permission either Download PDF or higher to the rest of the folders. 

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