Please keep in mind that there is no automatic functionality to create a new data room duplicated from the existing one.

You may download the documents from one data room and upload them to another one using a web interface or iDeals VDR Desktop application for Windows.

In case you have automatic document indexing enabled, please pay attention to each method's peculiarities to avoid double indexing in your new project.

If you only need to replicate the project folder structure (without uploaded documents), please refer to this article.

Using web application

  • Open your new project, and upload the downloaded archive.

  • Extract documents from the archive by right-clicking and selecting Extract here. Delete the archive once done.

You can enable automatic document indexing in your old project as soon as the download is complete. It is enabled by default in a newly created data room.

Please keep in mind:

  • The indexing in your new project can differ from the original. You may easily reorder the folders by renaming them or drag&drop to the required position.

  • You may also leave the automatic indexing enabled in your old data room and download the documents. Then disable the automatic indexing in your new data room, so the documents are sorted according to their indexed names.

  • If you've already uploaded the documents with indices to a new data room and would like to keep the automatic indexing enabled, all documents will get double indices. In this case, you will need to remove the index part from the documents' names (by renaming) to avoid duplicated indexing. If you have a deep folder structure, please contact for further assistance with the elimination of double-indexing.

Using a desktop application for Windows

Download and install iDeals VDR Desktop application for Windows (Applications menu in the bottom left corner).

Log into the project with all data in the iDeals VDR Desktop application:

  • On the left side, click on the root folder (that has the name of the project).

  • Click on the Set Up Sync Folder button on the top panel, and browse a local folder to download all the data to.

  • Set the 2nd option - Update local folder upon changes in the data room, and start the synchronization.

Please note that synchronized documents will not have indexing regardless of the data room settings.

After the sync is finished and all the data is uploaded to your local folder:

  • Log into the new project in iDeals VDR Desktop application.

  • Click on the root folder.

  • Click on the Set Up Sync Folder button on the top panel, and select the local folder where the data has been downloaded to.

  • Set the 1st sync type - Update data room upon changes in the local folder, and set synchronization.

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