Notification settings are open to all users and can be adjusted in My notifications.

To open the settings, click on your name in the top-right corner.

My document notifications

For guest users (non-administrator user roles), the only available option is Send emails about new documents.

Any user can change their document notification settings and select either "Never" to disable email alerts about newly uploaded documents or the desired frequency of notifications from the drop-down list:

The full administrators have a wider range of settings in this menu:

  • Send emails about uploaded and deleted documents;

  • Notify about documents that I uploaded or deleted myself;

  • Notify on uploaded data volume reached.

Notifications about new documents set to "Daily in the morning" or "Daily in the evening" will be sent out at 8 am or 8 pm respectively according to a user's time zone settings set up in Personal info.

My Q&A notifications

To enable/disable Q&A notifications, proceed to the corresponding menu.

Here, the Q&A coordinators have options to receive notifications about all new questions and posts ("All posts") or only addressed to them ("Addressed to me").

While the rest of the users with non-coordinator access can choose between No and Addressed to me only.

With the Q&A categories enabled in the data room, the users responsible for certain categories should set the notifications to Addressed to me to receive only the notifications about posts in the categories assigned to them.

My report subscriptions

Any user can check their current subscriptions to reports or disable any of them in My report subscriptions:

It is also possible to add a new subscription by clicking the New subscription button.

In case you participate in several projects on our platform, the notification settings should be adjusted in each data room individually.

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