For additional protection of your documents, you can enable watermarks, headers, and footers on viewed and printed documents, as well as on files downloaded as PDF or encrypted versions.

  • Watermark helps to protect documents with personally-identifiable marks.

The default watermark value is set to:

<line fontSize="24" offset="0">[room] - [userEmail] - [userName] - [userCompany] - [curDateTime] - [ip]</line>

Note: You can adjust the information reflected on the watermark as well as increase/decrease the number of displayed line.
Please refer to this article with useful tips on watermark customization.

For security purposes, we advise keeping the watermarks on viewed, printed, downloaded as PDF / encrypted files.

Please mind that the time zone on watermarks is UTC and it is standard for all users.

  • Header helps to identify the document name and page number when the document is printed or downloaded.

  • Footer helps to protect printed and downloaded documents with the personally-identifiable footer mark that does not affect page contents.

The default footer value is set to:

 <line fontSize="20" offset="0">CONFIDENTIAL</line>

Note: You may adjust the footer using the same tags available in the watermark pattern.

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