To apply custom Terms of use, hit the gear icon at the top right corner of the data room and select "Terms of use".

Here you can decide whether the users should accept the terms "On first login" or "On each login":

  • "On first login" – the users will accept the terms before logging into the room for the first time;

  • "On each login" – the users will accept the terms prior to each login to the room.

In case you select the option “On first login”, the users will be offered to accept the terms of use each time its text is updated by the administrator.

The administrators can choose the header or type in their custom header by selecting this option in the drop-down list in the Terms of use header menu:  

To edit the text of Terms of Use, click Edit and paste your text into the pop-up window:  

All formatting options are available at the bottom of the window:

Do not forget to click Apply to save the updates.

To preview the Terms of Use page, click View:

You can find additional tips and templates for the ToU customization here.

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