To create a new data room, click the hamburger menu at the top left corner and select the first option Create new data room.

You can also find this option on your projects dashboard right after you log in:

While creating a new project, it is possible to choose between two options.

Within an existing corporate account

In this case, a new data room will be linked to the chosen corporate account and listed in the Projects tab under your corporate account.

Only corporate account administrators can create data rooms within their existing account.

Users without corporate administrator rights will have only one option to create their own corporate account.

Create a new corporate account

In case you'd like to create a data room under a new contract, please choose the option Create a new corporate account. Your customer success manager will contact you to discuss further details of the new subscription.

Your new corporate account will be in trial status until a new contract is signed.

For each new data room, you will need to specify the project name, server location, and data room administrators.

By default, the user who creates the data room is added to the list of full admins. There is a possibility to deselect the default administrator and/or add other administrators.

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