The special feature of exporting can be used for a more detailed and offline evaluation of the data room content and activity.  

To start exporting, click the "Export" button. This option is available on each tab of the data room and generates the Excel spreadsheet that will be downloaded to your computer.

  • In the Documents tab, the Project Index (exports the detailed list of files from the left panel in the Documents tab) and Folder Contents (exports the visible part of the right side of the page according to the folder chosen) can be exported.

The Project index export will include the contents of the Recycle bin for full administrators.

  • In the Users tab, the option to export the list of users is given (all users or the selected group).

  • In the Q&A section, the option to export the detailed list of questions is given (all questions or the selected one).

  • In the Reports tab, the user may export any type of report with the necessary filters applied. The downloaded report will include the information displayed on the right side of the page according to the filters applied.  

The feature is available to all the users according to their access settings and permissions.

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