iDeals VDR Desktop for Windows is a single application you can use to upload, download, and synchronize documents.

The application is intended for documents management only. Please use a web application to adjust your data room settings, manage users and their permissions, view reports, and more.

To start using the desktop app, please follow the steps below.

  • Click the Applications button in the bottom left corner and select Download for Windows.

  • Click on the downloaded file to install the application.

  • The application will run automatically and prompt you to fill in your login credentials.

  • Having logged in to the app, select the project on the dashboard.

In case two-factor authentication is turned on in your account, please also type in the SMS code.

The application icon will also be saved on your desktop to launch it any time later.

Once you open the project, the following is available in the interface:

  • The left navigation panel shows the folder structure.

  • The contents of a highlighted folder in the left panel are unfolded in the right panel.

  • The lower panel shows the processes carried out by the application.

  • On the top panel and in the context menu there is a range of actions you can perform over files and folders.

To change the language of the interface, click on your name in the top-right corner, and select the preferred one.

Connection Settings

If you use a proxy server to connect to the Internet, you will need to change the connection settings of the desktop application.

  • Go to the Connection Settings menu.

  • Select the option Use custom proxy settings to apply the necessary changes.

You can inquire about the proxy server settings with the IT department of your company. In the Connection Settings menu, you can also launch a test connection to make sure that the VDR desktop application works properly.

Please find more info about desktop application capabilities in the following articles:

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