In the left navigation panel, select a folder to synchronize (A), click Set Up Sync Folder (B), select the local folder (C), and pick the preferred synchronization type (D):

  • Update VDR upon changes in local folder – changes in the local folder are applied to the VDR.

  • Update local folder upon changes in VDR – changes in the VDR are applied to the local folder.

  • Update VDR and local folder bidirectionally – direction is not prioritized, the data is synchronized depending on the source, where the changes are being applied.

Local changes are applied to the VDR immediately, whereas changes in the VDR are synchronized every 3 minutes.

To start force synchronization, select the corresponding option in the context menu of a given background task.

To view and/or change the synchronization settings, select “Properties” in the context menu of a synchronization task.

To cancel the synchronization, click Delete in the same context menu.

Note: If you have automatic document indexing enabled, the synchronized documents will be downloaded to a local folder without data room indexing. If you'd like to keep the indices in your local copy, please use the download option in the desktop app, or download documents from the data room online.

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