User group creation is a straight-forward process carried out in the Users tab. To start creating a user group, click New Group.

There are two types of users in the data room – Administrators and Users with two roles within each type. Roles determine the users’ access to the data room functionality:


  • Full administrators – users with full administrative rights: ability to invite and manage users, view activity reports, manage permissions and Q&A section in the entire data room.

  • Restricted administrators are able to manage only selected user groups. They may be authorized to view or manage permissions of the selected user groups and access their activity reports. To select the groups for the restricted admins to manage, go to the “Groups to administrate” setting.

In the Q&A settings, you can limit the number of questions posted by a group of restricted admins.

Learn more about this functionality in the Group questions limit and User Management articles.


  • Collaboration users can see and communicate with other users within their group. This type of users can post group notes, communicate with other group members and Q&A coordinators, and may be optionally authorized to see users of other collaboration groups, communicate with them in the Q&A section, and see their activity reports. In the Q&A settings, you can define a limit of questions that users of a group can post to the coordinators:

  • Individual users are not able to see and communicate with other users. Their level of access to the data room includes: browsing through the available document structure, creating personal notes, viewing personal activity reports, communicating with Q&A coordinators.

​​Next step is to grant document permissions to the users of the new group. Permissions can be applied either manually:

or copied from an already existing group:

Please check out the detailed description of each permission in the section Document permissions.

The final step to create a user group is to decide whether the users’ access to the data room stays open-ended or limited to a specified date.

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