Editing user profile

To edit user’s profile, select the user in the list and edit the details on the right side of the panel.

In this section, you can edit the following settings:

  • Role and group: you can move a user to a different group by clicking “Edit”;
  • Security settings and IP restriction: this option limits access to the room to the indicated IP address (useful if you want the users to access the VDR from their official workplaces only);
  • Document notifications;
  • Access to Q&A and Q&A notifications.

Here you can also resend the invitation email to the selected user(s) by hitting this option in the top right corner.

In this section, you can also view the user's document permissions. Select the target group to edit permissions.

Don’t forget to hit “Apply” before leaving each edited section to save changes you’ve made.

Editing group settings

To access group settings, click on the group in the Users section. The settings are available on the right side of the window (click Rename or Edit in the corresponding section).

The following options are available in this section:

  • Rename the group by clicking the corresponding menu item on the top right corner.
  • You can change the Role of the selected group.
  • Security settings: Access to the data room, Sign-in security, IP address restriction.
  • Document permissions. Here you can edit the users’ permissions to the documents.
  • Group questions limit. Full administrators can set a limit on the questions created by user groups: choose the time frame, enable/disable creation of new questions on weekends (according to UTC zone), select a priority for the Questions limit.

Disabling and enabling access / Deleting users and groups

To disable user(s), select the user(s)/group(s) in the list and click “Disable access” on the top panel. 

You can enable the user(s)/group(s) back by pressing “Enable access” on the same panel at any time.

To delete the user(s)/group(s), toggle the user(s)/group(s) in the list and click "Delete" or select this option in the context menu of the target user:

Note: User deletion is irreversible. To revert access to your project, deleted users must be re-invited.

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