In the data room, there are three ways to invite users:

  1. Invite: simultaneous user invitation and new user group creation and configuration. In the Users tab, click the Invite button to open the Invite users window.

  2. Create the group: creation and configuration of a new user group. In the Users tab, click the New group button, and the window for new group creation will pop up.

  3. Invite a user to an already existing group: user invitation and configuration of their Security settings and Q&A roles. In the Users tab, click the invite icon next to the target group.

Depending on the number of users, they can be invited either one by one or using the bulk user invitation feature.

Note: A user can belong to one user group only. If you'd like to change the user's group, right-click on this user and select Move to group.

You may also check our video tutorial about the user invitation process.

Inviting single or several users

Type in one or several email addresses separated with space or comma.

Also, you can enter the user's first name, last name, company, and phone number using the option Enter personal details.

Configure the security settings:

  • access to data room

Unlimited (the users will have unlimited access to the data room).

Disabled (if you disable the access, the users invited to this group will not receive their invitations until you enable the group).

Till date (the users will have access to the data room until the specified date only).

  • sign-in security options 

Password only (the users will log in with their username and password).

Password and SMS code (the users will log in to the data room you invite them to with their email, password and SMS code).

To open downloaded encrypted files, users with Password and SMS verification type will have to confirm their identity with SMS code in addition to login details.
Learn more about working with encrypted files.

  • access to the Q&A section 

In case you are inviting several users at the same time, you will be able to set Access to Q&A for each user individually.

Additionally, you can select the language of the invitation email and decide whether users should receive document notifications whenever new files/folders are being uploaded.

Please keep in mind that users can change their preferred language and notification settings on their own.

Inviting numerous users

To invite multiple users in bulk, please download the template from the pop-up window.

All target user groups must be created and set up before inviting the users via the template.

According to the tooltips within the template, fill in the cells and upload it in the same pop-up window by clicking Choose file and selecting the completed template on your PC. All users will be automatically invited to your data room.

To ensure successful upload of a template:

  • Do not add new columns.

  • In columns A, C, J, K, L, use the values from the drop-down lists only.

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