To post a question, simply click New question in the Q&A section of the VDR.

Like an email, there is a subject, addressee, carbon and blind copy, and forward option.

  • To add the addressee, just click the "Add" button and select addressee(s) emails from the list.

  • To add an email to cc or bcc, click “cc” or “bcc” accordingly and select emails from the list.

  • Input a subject for the question and type in the body of the question. You may also use formatting options to highlight elements of your text and apply styles.

  • You can add an attachment from your computer or a link to the available documents from the VDR to your questions.

The attachments will be available to all the participants of the thread.
Be reminded, that access to the available Q&A attachments is regulated in Permissions, though the person who attached the file from the outside will always be able to download it.

  • You can relate the question to the document/folder from the Documents tab or while viewing the document. In this case, the related document will be shown under the subject of the thread in the Q&A section.

  • In case the target folder or file has been already linked to the question in the Q&A section, users will see the icon with the corresponding number of questions in the Q&A column of the Documents tab (the displayed information will depend on the user's Q&A access).

  • To send a new question in this case, users with "Post to own group" or higher access should choose “New question” from the context menu of the folder/file.
    In case users choose “View questions” in this context menu or click on the question icon from the Q&A column of the Document tab, they will be redirected to the Q&A section: the related questions will be displayed. 

If you relate a post to a document in the VDR or link the file from the VDR – the users will view the files according to their permissions.

  • To forward or reply to a question, select the necessary question in the list and you will be able to use these options on the right side of the screen.

There are several statuses of the questions in the Q&A section:

Awaiting reply – the last message is awaiting the current user’s reply;

In progress – the current user (or another member in the collaboration group) takes part in the discussion;

Forwarded to expert – the post was forwarded to another user by the current user;

Answered by me – the current user’s just answered the question;

Closed – users will not be able to reply or forward the question.

To change the priority of the discussion in the Q&A section, select the thread in the list, click the "Priority" button, and select the necessary priority (Low or High):

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