Management of a project is a challenging and time-consuming task. To ensure that our administrators fully utilize the time allocated for their projects, and guarantee that all bidders receive the most efficient responses in a timely manner, we have created the Q&A questions limit functionality.

To set a limit for questions in Q&A (during the first step of group creation or in the Users section after choosing the target group):

Choose the time frame for the limit: per day, per week, per month, total or no limit.

Note: The count will start as soon as the first new message is posted.

The option “Total” has no time frame, so the ability to post new questions will be blocked as soon as the specified amount is reached.

Please note that it is possible to disable new questions creation on weekends by checking the setting “Deny new questions on weekends”. The setting operates according to UTC zone.

The setting “Groups questions limit” is active for Restricted administrators and Collaboration users only.

The minimal quantity for the limit is one.

If any time frame but “No limit” is chosen - select the priority for the limit:

  • with "Any priority" the system will limit the questions of any priority;

  • with "By priority" setting administrators may specify the number of questions per single priority type.

After the question limit is set, the system will count all new messages that were sent to Q&A coordinators (if Q&A coordinators were chosen in To, CC, BCC, or Forward to fields). All the postliminary messages in the thread will not be counted.
Once the limit is reached, users will see the corresponding notification with the explanation and will not be able sent a question.

Keep in mind, that the created message will still be counted disregarding whether the author is deleted, moved to a different group, disabled, their Q&A role is changed or the question itself is deleted. 

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