Permissions can be assigned during the group creation, as well as from the Documents or Users tab by clicking on the Permissions button.

There are two available view modes in the permissions window:

  • "Set by groups" will be useful if you'd like to review the permissions to all folders and files for a specific user group.

  • "Set by folders and files" will be useful if you'd like to see all of the groups permitted to access certain folders and files.

By default, the access to all folders is set to "None", except for the folder with the Q&A attachments, which has "Download encrypted file" permission.

The permission applied to the folder is automatically inherited by its subfolders, but you can also adjust it if necessary.

To change permission levels, just click on the permissions matrix field where necessary. When you are done, click "Apply".

Here you may find a detailed permissions overview, including available permission levels and how to set them for users entering your data room.

When assigning permissions, please keep in mind that:

  • All the permissions are arranged according to the hierarchical descending principle: all the higher-level permissions inherit permissions of a lower level.

  • All permissions are set at the group level and cannot be adjusted for unique users within a group. Make sure to create a separate user group for individuals who require different permission levels.

  • "Upload" permission also allows deleting, moving, copying, and renaming the documents inside the folder with this permission.

  • If the highest upload permission is given to a folder, you will not be able to hide any documents within that particular folder from users.

  • To enable users to see the content of a subfolder, you have to set the permission for this folder to at least "View".

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