What is IRM:

IRM (Information Rights Management) - is the unique plugin-free protection mechanism that will apply an additional security level to your MS Office document to prevent its unauthorized access and distribution.

The feature will let users download IRM encrypted documents and work with them in protected native format on a local PC.

How it works:

In case the document is assigned IRM permission, users will need to successfully authenticate with VDR credentials before opening the document. In addition, the document will be protected with watermarks. Copying the content, saving changes, and making screen captures will be disabled. At the same time, administrators can revoke access at any time, so the document cannot be opened again.

Supported formats:

  • MS Word (*.doc, *.docx)

  • MS Excel (*.xls, *.xlsm, *.xlsx)

  • MS PowerPoint (*.ppt, *.pptx)

How to assign IRM permission

In the permission section, the administrator should apply "Download encrypted file" permission.

Two additional modes of access are available for MS Excel documents downloaded as encrypted files:

  • Secure analysis - user can see the formulas and analyze data by recalculating, applying own formulas, or editing the document. Saving the changes or new copy of the document is disabled.

  • No formulas - user cannot see or edit formulas or the document itself.

*Print option will be available if the document is assigned  Upload, Download original, Download PDF, or Print permission.

How to open IRM-encrypted file: 

  • Download the document in an encrypted format;

  • Open the IRM document downloaded to your computer;

  • Fill in your username (email) and password in the corresponding fields.

*In case two-step verification is switched on, you will also have to fill in a one-time SMS code into the password field.

Please adhere to the following format: password#SMS code

The system will remember the successful authentication and won't ask users to re-authenticate within a timeout period. By default, the timeout is set to 8 hours, but it can be customized for your project by the Customer Support team.

System requirements:

  • Windows XP and above

  • MS Office 2007 and higher

What if you have Mac OS:

  • The users cannot download IRM-encrypted files using macOS devices. The only available option will be to download an encrypted PDF version for all supported formats.

  • IRM-encrypted files downloaded from the data room on a Windows PC can be opened on macOS devices using MS Office 2013. Other versions of MS Office on Mac OS are not supported.

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