In case you need to add an explanation/clarification/interpretation to a file or a folder, you can post either a private, group or administrative note next to a given piece of content.

To post a note, please:

  • go to the Documents section;

  • point the mouse cursor to the "Notes" column next to the necessary file/folder;

  • click on the emerged pin icon;

  • enter the text of your note into the emerged input field on the right;

  • select the type of note you would like to add: private, administrative, group;

  • hit "Add".

There are three types of notes that can be added by users with different levels of access:

Private: visible only to the author of the note.
Administrative: can be added by administrators only and visible to all users.
Group: can be added by any user except individual users and are visible to all group mates of the author.

Whenever a user opens a document with an added note, a pop-up shows up:

To delete a note, please select the file/folder with the added note and hit the delete icon on the right side of the page.

To export notes, you should download the folder contents to an excel file by clicking Export => Folder contents in the Documents section. One of the columns in the downloaded excel-file contains the notes.

Note: An administrator cannot see and export other users' private notes and group notes of other user groups.

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