We guarantee maximum security when it comes to users' access to our data rooms. Here are some of the security features we offer:

1. Password creation. Having received an invitation to a data room, users create their own passwords only they know. In case a user wants/needs to change the password, they should first confirm their action by answering the security question or entering the SMS-code they receive to their registered mobile phone.

2. Secret question backup. At the stage of setting up an account on our platform, users select a security question and provide the answer to it. The answer to security question can later be used in the following scenarios: password change, phone number change, switching off two-factor authentication.

3. Two-factor authentication. The admin who invites a user can decide whether this user should log into the data room using just his password or password and SMS code. A user can do the same on his side in case he was initially invited with password-only authentication.

4. IP-restriction. In case the administrator wishes to restrict a user's access to the VDR to their office PC, for instance, it can be done in the user's personal security section. To do so, please navigate to the Users section and:

  • choose the user in the list;

  • open Security settings in the menu on your right and click "Edit";

  • change the IP address setting to Restrict;

  • type in the IP address(es) of the user from which you'd like him to have access to the VDR;

  • Click "Apply".

Note: You may enter a list of IP addresses, IP ranges (i.e. or subnet IP masks (i.e. Each IP address should be on a new line without additional separators.

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