In the data room, the permissions of newly uploaded documents are automatically inherited from their parent folders.

To keep your top-level folders/files hidden by default, we recommend assigning None permission to the root folder. Thereafter, administrators can assign different permission levels to the lower-level folders inside the root one.

This way, whenever a new folder or a file is added to the root folder, it will not become available to users unless its permission is updated to any higher.

Learn more about permissions inheriting when creating folders, uploading new files, moving or copying documents inside the data room.

To assign None permission for the root folder, please follow the steps below:

  • go to the Documents section and click "Permissions";

  • assign None permission to the root folder (the one that has the project name);

  • assign the necessary permissions to the lower-level folders and files;

  • click "Apply" to save changes.

Please keep in mind that:

  • "Upload" permission also allows deleting, moving, copying, and renaming the documents inside the folder with this permission.

  • If the highest upload permission is given to a folder, it is impossible to change permissions to any lower for the documents inside it.

  • All permissions are arranged according to the hierarchical descending principle: all the higher-level permissions inherit the lower-level permissions.

Learn more about available document permission levels here.

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