All files attached to the Q&A posts from outside of the data room are added to the "Q&A attachments" folder in the Documents tab.

Note: By default, the "Q&A attachments" folder has "Download encrypted file" permission. The administrator of the data room can change this permission to any other if needed.
Q&A coordinators have access to all attachments.

The users can see the documents attached to the Q&A discussions they are participating in. All attachments can be viewed and/or downloaded according to the users' level of permission.

In case you set "None" permission to the "Q&A attachments" folder, the user will not be able to view the attachment. If anyone tries posting an attachment to the user with "None" permission, the following warning will pop up:

Please note that:

  • The user, who sends the attachment will always be able to download the original file, regardless of his permissions to the "Q&A attachments" folder.

  • The attachments can be deleted by the author or Q&A coordinator.

  • If the user's access to Q&A has been changed to "None", the "Q&A attachments" folder will no longer be visible to this user.

  • If the user was moved to a different user group, he will be able to see the attachments depending on the remaining Q&A posts he still has access to. Please refer to this article about the visibility of Q&A posts.

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