Please follow the steps below to access the data on the encrypted flash drive.

  • Insert a flash drive to a USB port.

  • Open the "VeraCrypt" folder, which is located on the flash drive.

  • Double-click on the file “VeraCrypt.exe”.

Note: To successfully decrypt the documents from a secure flash drive, you should have administrative rights on your computer. If you face any difficulties running a portable version of VeraCrypt, you may also download its full version and install it on your computer from this website.

  • In the appeared VeraCrypt window, click on the “Select File” button.

  • In the main folder of the inserted flash drive, choose the .hc file, which is named as the data room, e.g., “DataRoom.hc” and click “Open”.

  • The VeraCrypt window will appear again. Choose any free drive and click "Mount".

Note: a password to decrypt the data is shared via email with the specified recipient. If you have not received any email confirmation of the flash drive receipt, please contact

  • After entering the password and pressing the OK button, you will see the successfully mounted volume on the chosen drive. Double-click on it to open the contents.

  • Once you finish working with the documents, press the "Dismount" button, and safely eject the flash drive.

If any additional assistance is required, please contact the Customer Support Team.

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