A corporate account feature helps to manage multiple data rooms under a specific contract.

It can be accessed in the top-right corner under the user's name - My corporate account.

The following tabs are available on the corporate account page: General, Account administrators, Projects, and Usage report.

In the General tab, the account administrator can rename the account, check the contract number and subscription type.

In case of a trial account, the administrator will be able to track how many days are left:

Note: By default, the administrator of a trial account is the person who initially opened a trial room.

In the Account administrators tab, an account administrator can manage the administrators of the specific corporate account by adding or removing responsible persons and editing their role by defining the level of access to the account.

To add a new administrator, please click on the Add corporate account administrator button, and define the level of access by checking the corresponding box:

There are two available levels of access for account administrators:

  1. Create new projects: admins can create new projects under the corporate account they are assigned to, but do not have access to the settings page of this specific corporate account.

  2. Create new projects and Manage administrators: admin with both of these permissions can:

  • create new data rooms under this account (contract);

  • access the corporate account settings page;

  • manage administrators of the account;

  • view the list of all data rooms associated with the account.

Please note that account administrators can see the full list of all projects under the contract, but can access only those projects, which they are invited to.

The level of access can be edited at any time, or the administrator can remove specific users.

Important: if the user was removed from the list of account administrators, then:

  • the user will not be able to create the data rooms under this account (contract) anymore;

  • the access to all the data rooms they are invited to will remain unchanged. If it's required to revoke access to all or specific projects, this should be done in the Users tab of the data room(s) in question.

In the Projects tab, you may see the full list of all projects under the contract, room creation date, and its status, as well as who opened the data room.

From this tab, you can go directly to any active data room by clicking on a specific project name.

You can also open a new data room right from this tab by clicking the Add new project button and filling out the form. A new data room will be linked to the chosen corporate account and listed in the Projects tab.

Learn more about available options during the data room creation.

In the Usage report tab, you can find the overall data usage, as well as the number of users and administrators across all active projects under your contract with iDeals.

Check the usage report overview for more information about each section in this tab.

Please contact your customer success manager or support@idealsvdr.com if you need to change the list of rooms under your account (in case of multiple contracts).

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