To guarantee maximum security of users' access to your data rooms, we suggest enabling a two-factor authentication setting.

This security level can be set up by the user during the iDeals account registration or changed any time later in the Security settings.

The admin who invites a user can also decide whether this user should be able to log into the data room using a password only or password and SMS code.

In case a user has enabled 2-factor authentication on their account, they will need to verify their identity by entering a one-time code to access any data room regardless of particular settings set up by the administrator.

Mandatory two-factor authentication on a room level

As an additional feature, 2FA can be enabled on the room level for all users (both active and disabled users, including administrators).

As soon as it is enabled for the specific data room, then:

  • the sign-in security setting for all users is automatically set to Password and SMS code;

  • all new users will be invited with the Password and SMS security setting by default;

  • full administrators can't disable the two-factor authentication.

Note: To enable this setting, please contact and provide the name(s) of your data room(s), where it should be switched on.

* Only the support team can change the status of this setting back to Disabled. After it’s done, the two-factor authentication will be still enabled for all existing users in the data room, but the project administrators will be able to change it.

The action of enabling/disabling the feature is logged in the data room All actions report => Data room settings change:

In case you or your users face any issues with the delivery of a one-time password, please refer to this article.

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