Our system converts most of the office formats into the protected version for viewing online in the data room:

pdf | txt | doc | docx | xls | xlsx | xlsm| ppt | pptx | pub | rtf | htm | html | mht | jpg | jpeg | jpe | gif | bmp | png | tif | tiff | wmf | flv | mp4 | mov | avi | wmv| m4v | mpg | mxf | mkv | 3gp | mpeg | ts | asf | webm | f4v | dwg

Please note that the conversion of .dwg files is not enabled by default.

The documents of other formats are considered binary and cannot be securely viewed online.

Sometimes, the following error message may occur upon opening a supported file in the data room:

The most common reasons for this are:

  • the original document is corrupted;

  • the original file contains damaged or interactive content;

  • password or any other protection is enabled in the original document.

Please check the original file on your computer and make sure that it is opening properly (no error messages pop up). Also, check that the file does not require a password to open and does not have any protection enabled.

To check the protection settings in PDF, go to File => Properties => Security tab.

In MS Office, click on File, and find any protection settings listed next to "Protect Document":

Please try re-saving the document if it opened with errors, remove any protection, and then re-upload it to the data room.

Note: Depending on the number and size of files, it may take some time to process by the system and convert it to be viewed online. Please allow up to a few minutes to load the file for the first time right after upload.

If none of the above helps, please contact support@idealsvdr.com and provide the names and/or indices of the documents that could not be converted by the system.

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