The multilingual index allows users to navigate the folder structure in their native language by applying translated files and folders' names.

How it works

For example, the users in your data room are mainly from the UK, France, and Germany. And they have the interface language set to English, French, and German respectively.

With this feature enabled and folders/files translated accordingly, the users will see the folders and files names in their corresponding language.

Note: To enable this feature, please contact

How to set this up

As soon as a multilingual index is enabled for your data room, you may start preparing your multilingual structure:

  • switch to the target language in "My personal info" settings, e.g. French;

  • rename the folders/files to French;

  • switch to the next target language, e.g. German;

  • rename the folders/files to German.

After it's done, when switching between English, French, and German, you will see the translated names accordingly.

* Please note that the contents of the documents are not translated - the feature is applicable to the names of files and folders only.

How we can help

Our support team can quickly apply the desired folder structure as well as its translated versions (translations to be provided by the client).

For this, please send the translated folder structure(s) to in the convenient office format (e.g. excel, word, or text file).

Note: The indices of the folders and subfolders must correspond to the original folder structure.

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