In case you have an existing folder structure that you'd like to apply to your newly created project, it can be done by our support team.

For this, please send the desired project index to in one of the office formats, e.g. excel, word, or text file.


  • Your project index must have a clearly indexed structure of folders and their subfolders, i.e.:

1 Folder 1
2 Folder 2
2.1 Subfolder 1
2.2 Subfolder 2
3 Folder 3
3.1 Subfolder 1
3.1.1 Sub-subfolder
  • The indexing of other formats like A, B, C or i, ii, iii is not supported and should be replaced with the corresponding Arabic digits.

  • The folder name length is limited to 255 characters.
    If your folder names are longer, the exceeding part will be automatically cut off. Hence, we recommend reviewing the names before providing the structure.

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