One of the available levels of permissions is Download encrypted file.

The downloaded encrypted files are watermarked and password-protected.

It means that the users must authorize using their iDeals credentials to open the downloaded encrypted files. Internet connection is a must.

Access to a downloaded encrypted file may be revoked at any time. Users will lose access if they are disabled or deleted, or if their permission settings are updated to Fence view or None.

In this case, when a user tries to open a previously downloaded encrypted file, the following message will appear:

Note: As soon as the data room is closed, access to all downloaded encrypted files will be lost.

MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint documents are downloaded with IRM encryption.

The user can work with these documents in their native format, but cannot save any changes, make copies of the contents, or take screenshots.

No additional plugins are required to work with IRM-encrypted documents, just MS Office should be installed.

If you face any difficulties opening IRM-encrypted files, please refer to this article.

The documents of other convertible formats are downloaded as encrypted PDF.

Their PDF versions are produced by iDeals converters and are protected from editing.

To work with encrypted PDF, it is required to install FileOpen Plugin and open via Adobe Reader.

Note: Only the user who downloaded the encrypted file can open it with his credentials. Any other user will not be able to open it with his login details.

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