At any stage of your project, or upon the data room closure, iDeals can provide you with the encrypted flash drive archive of all the files along with the selected reports on your project.

If you do not need the USB sticks, you may back up all the information yourself.

Downloading the documents

To download all the files, please click on the root folder (named as the project name) in the folder tree on the left, and choose "Download" and format in the sub-menu.

A ZIP-archive will be downloaded to your computer.

* The download option is also available by right-clicking on any folder.


  • Files from the Q&A attachments folder must be downloaded separately, as they are not included along with the rest of the project files.

  • If you need to download the documents from the recycle bin, they should be restored to your folder structure.

In the case of a large volume of data, we also recommend using our desktop application to download documents. Unlike browser download, the documents will be saved to your computer without archiving.

Downloading the reports

Any report in the data room can be exported in a detailed Excel file.

To export a report, please go to the Reports, choose the report you're interested in, apply the required filters, and download it using the "Export" button.

Besides the activity reports, you may also export:

  • The project index, showing the current folder structure and documents available in the data room.

  • Q&A discussions, which are available in the Q&A section. Just click on the "Export" button and choose whether you'd like to export all discussions or selected/filtered questions.

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