You may upload the documents of any format to the data room for secure sharing with the project participants. Yet, only the file formats below can be converted by the system into protected versions for viewing online in the data room.

The following file formats are converted into encrypted PDF for secure viewing by users:

pdf | txt | doc | docx | xls | xlsx |xlsm| ppt | pptx | pub | rtf | htm | html | mht | jpg | jpeg | jpe | gif | bmp | png | tif | tiff | wmf | dwg

Note: Conversion of .dwg files is not enabled by default and is available under Business subscription (upon request).

The video formats flv | mp4 | mov | avi | wmv| m4v | mpg | mxf | mkv | 3gp | mpeg | ts | asf | webm | f4v can be converted for secure viewing only. Such files can be downloaded from the data room in the original format only.

The documents of other formats are considered binary and cannot be securely viewed online. The only levels of permissions available for binary files are "Download original" or "None".

Important: If you upload a binary file to a folder with permission higher than "None", the automatically assigned level of permission to such files will be "Download original".

Please note that archives are also considered binary and we recommend extracting the documents from the uploaded archives.

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