The notifications about newly uploaded documents can be set by the project administrators for all or selected users.

Users will receive notifications only about those documents, which are permitted to them in the data room.

The email notifications will be sent out according to the selected frequency in the below scenarios.

  • New documents were uploaded in the specified time frame (after enabling the setting).

For example, the chosen frequency is "Every hour". Every hour the system checks whether there have been any changes and notifies the users if any.
If there were no uploads within the past hour, a notification will not be generated.

  • New documents became permitted to the user, i.e. their permission was changed from "None" to any higher.

For example, you have a folder hidden from users while working on arranging the documents in it. After you permit the users to see this folder, they will be notified about new documents, regardless of the date the files were uploaded.

  • New documents copied or moved from a non-permitted (hidden from users) folder to the permitted folder.

For example, the users have access to folder A, but not to folder B. You need to share a few documents from folder B and add them to folder A. This will be considered as a new upload and users will be notified about these additions.

Please pay attention to the peculiarities of permissions inheriting when copying and moving documents.

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