Limitations in the data room

The maximum allowed name length of folders and files is 255 characters.
If a folder or a file has a longer name, the exceeding part will be automatically cut off.

Please note that the file name length is counted along with its extension.

For example: FileName.doc - 12 characters, and FileName.xlsx - 13 characters.

The depth of a folder structure is not limited in the data room, i.e., you may have as many subfolders with more subsequent subfolders as needed.

The following symbols cannot be used in the documents name: \ / : * ? " < > |

Restrictions on working with downloaded deep structure

Please keep in mind that Windows and Mac OS restrict actions with long file paths, unlike the data room.

A file path is the total file name that consists of the local disk name, root folder name, names of folders/subfolders, file name, and file extension. A long path is the one that exceeds 260 characters.

Examples of a complete file path on a local disk D:

160 characters long:

D:\VDR folder\My Project Documents\FolderName 1\SubfolderName 1\SubfolderName 2\SubfolderName 3\SubfolderName 4\SubfolderName 5\Important documents\FileName.doc

265 characters long:

D:\Data Room\A very long folder name-A very long folder name-A very long folder name-A very long folder name-A very long folder name-A very long folder name-A very long folder name-A very long folder name-A very long folder name-A very long folder name\FileName.doc

The longer names of the folders/subfolders are, and/or the more subfolders you have, the longer the file path will be.

Hence, when downloading the documents from a data room with a deep structure or very long folder names, users may have difficulties opening them on their computers.

In this case, we recommend the following:

  • Downloading particular subfolders or files separately, instead of the whole parent folder with these documents.

  • Downloading the documents to a shorter path on the PC.
    For example, if you download the documents to your desktop, the first part of the path is at least C:\Users\UserName\Desktop\My VDR folder, where the user and folder names are variable and can be even longer. Instead, please choose the shortest directory for download, e.g. D:\VDR

If none of the above helps, you may find additional info on working with the downloaded archives containing long paths here.

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