After data room closure, the documents in your data room will be stored on our servers for up to 3 years unless the project administrator requests to erase the data.

As soon as the project is closed, no one can access it, including project administrators.

To reactivate the data room, a registered project administrator should contact the Customer Support Team. Usually, the request is processed right away and takes no more than 15-30 min.


  • Upon reopening, all data room settings remain unchanged, and all invited users will regain access to the documents they had access to before closure.

  • No additional notifications are sent out to the data room users about reactivation. If the project administrators would like to notify the users additionally, they may resend invitations, send notifications about specific documents, or raise a question in the Q&A section.

  • If needed, Customer Support can disable users' access before reopening the room so only project administrators can access it.

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