To edit a user's profile, select the user in the list and adjust the settings on the right-side panel.

Please note that email, name, and other user personal details cannot be updated on your side after an invitation has been sent as these personal details belong to a user profile.

Each user can adjust their personal details during their account registration or in the Personal info menu.

The following settings are available here:

  • Role and group: you can move a user to a different group by clicking Edit and choosing the corresponding user group.
    Note: The administrators cannot change the group for their own accounts, and another administrator should do it.

  • Security settings:
    - limit access to the room till a certain date or disable with immediate effect;
    - change sign-in security to Password only or Password and SMS code;
    - apply IP address restriction: this option limits access to the room to the indicated IP address (useful if you want the users to access the project from their workplaces only).

  • Documents' notifications: you can adjust user's notifications about new documents added to the data room.

  • Access to Q&A and notifications about new Q&A posts.

  • Document permissions: view the list of permitted documents and the level of permission given.
    Please keep in mind that permissions are set at a group level, so if you need to change the user's permission, please select the group the user belongs to and adjust their group permissions or move the user to a new or existing group.

Don't forget to click "Apply" before leaving each edited section to save the changes you've made.

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