To access group settings, click on the group in the list, and go to the right-side panel.

The following options are available here:

  • Rename the group by clicking the corresponding button in the top-right corner.

  • Change the role of the selected group.
    Please keep in mind that it is not possible to change the role of the full administrators' group. To change their role, please create a new group and move the users to this group. Once done, you can delete an empty group if needed.

  • Collaboration and administration settings for the collaboration user group and restricted administrators group, respectively.

  • Security settings:
    - limit access to the room till a certain date or disable with immediate effect;
    - apply IP address restriction: this option limits access to the room to the indicated IP address (useful if you want the users to access the project from their workplaces only).

  • Q&A settings: group questions limit. Full administrators can set a limit on the questions created by user groups: choose the time frame, enable/disable the creation of new questions on weekends (according to UTC), select a priority for the questions limit.

  • Document permissions: view the list of permitted documents and the level of permission given, and edit if needed.

Note: access to Q&A and sign-in security settings are adjusted on the user's level.

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