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Disabling or deleting users and groups
Disabling or deleting users and groups
What is the difference between disabling and deleting users, and how to retrieve their access depending on the chosen option
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To disable user(s), select the user(s)/group(s) in the list and click Disable access on the top panel or right-click on any of the selected users and choose the corresponding option in the drop-down menu.

You can enable the user(s)/group(s) back at any time by clicking Enable access on the same panel or by right-clicking on the selected user(s)/group(s).

To delete the user(s)/group(s), toggle the user(s)/group(s) in the list and click Delete or select this option in the context menu of the target user(s).

Note: User deletion is irreversible. To revert access to your project, deleted users must be re-invited.

Difference between disabling and deletion of users

Either you disable or delete the users, they will no longer be able to access your project or open previously downloaded encrypted files.

Disabled users are still present in the data room and can be enabled back in one click at any time.

Deleted users will no longer be listed among users. To give their access back, it will be required to invite them anew and re-create user groups.

Hence, if you'd like to temporarily revoke a user's access, it is recommended to disable them instead of deleting.

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