Access to the data room

Quite often, companies may limit employees' access to external websites by allowing only certain web addresses. Users may get various messages that the website cannot be reached or is blocked (e.g., an error code "403 Forbidden"), depending on the settings.

In this case, we recommend contacting the company's IT department (system administrator) and request to enable access to the following websites:,, and to any https website at a subdomain of, i.e.,*

How to check whether the issue is related to corporate restrictions:

  • Try using a different computer, i.e., a personal one.

  • Try connecting to a different network (non-corporate, e.g., using cellular data or any other public network).

  • If VPN/proxy settings are in use, try turning it off (if allowed).

If our website can be accessed using alternative ways, then you can be sure that it is the company's restrictions and forward the whitelisting instructions.

As a workaround, users may keep using another network/computer to work in the data room.

If none of the above resolved the issue, please contact the Customer Support Team. Please also pay attention to the URL in the browser and make sure it did not get corrupted, i.e., there are no extra dots or double-pasting of the URL:


Incorrect: |

Delivery of the email notifications

Same as with the access to external resources, emails from iDeals may be blocked by filtering (anti-spam) settings of your corporate inbox.

In this case, we recommend adding the domain and our IP address to the white list so that messages from us do not get blocked and all the notifications are received.

If you use a non-corporate email address (, for instance), please make sure the emails did not land in a spam folder and mark them as not spam to ensure further delivery.

In case your users did not receive invitations to the data room, please try resending the invitation email.

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