Labeling is a convenient way to organize your documents across different folders in the data room, which will allow you to quickly search and filter files by the pre-set label values.

You can access the document label settings by clicking on the Settings menu and selecting Document labels.

You may also jump to this tab if you choose Manage labels in the drop-down menu in the Documents tab (at least one document should be selected).

Note: Only full administrators can access and manage label settings.

Assigned label values are visible to all users who have access to the labeled files.

In this tab, you can adjust the following label settings:

  • Group: enter the label group name, which is used to categorize label values by groups.
    For example, Department (Legal, Finance, IT), Status (To do, In review, Approved), etc.;

  • Choice type for the label groups:
    - Single choice: assign a single label within one label group;
    - Multiple choice: assign multiple label values created within one label group;

  • Value: enter the label value name(s), which will be listed in the corresponding label group.

Note: Group and value names length is limited to 50 characters. Values must be unique across all label groups.

To adjust labels’ settings, just click Edit.

Use Enter or Tab to separate label values.
You can also paste an existing list of values from an excel or word document, for example, if they are separated either by Tab or written from a new row each.

Once you are done filling out the label details, click Apply to save the changes.

You can also drag and drop label groups and their values to change the order of appearance in the drop-down list in the Documents tab.

To edit the name of the existing label value, click on its name and type in the updated value.

To delete the label group or specific value, click on the cross sign next to the corresponding value/group. If the labels are associated with any documents, you will need to confirm their deletion as they will be removed from the assigned files.

All changes made in the document labels settings can be tracked in the Reports tab, under All actions – section Labels settings editing.

Read more about assigning labels to files in the Labeling Documents article.

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