To ease users’ access to the data room, iDeals offers the possibility to implement a login box on the client’s website.

How it works

With this feature enabled, data room users will be able to log in to iDeals straight from your website instead of going to

As soon as a user successfully authenticates, they will be redirected to either:

  • Specific data room.

  • Projects dashboard.

The latter might be preferred in case the user participates in multiple data rooms or you are planning on opening more data rooms in the future.

Note: New users must register first, following the link from the original invitation email.

How to implement

It is a two-way implementation from both client and iDeals side.

1. Send a request to the support team or your account manager and specify a link to the website where you’d like to implement a login box and preferred login scenario (described above).

Keep in mind that you should provide the exact URL of the web page, paying attention to such details as a protocol (http or https) and the completeness of the address (not just domain).

2. iDeals team provides a file (index.html) with HTML / JavaScript code, which should be placed on the client's website, and it will be rendered as a form with email and password.

Tip: You can also use CSS to add a personal touch to your login form, such as fonts, colors, etc.

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