View as is a quick and easy way to verify which documents are available to a specific user group from their perspective. This functionality is available to full administrators of a data room.

To check permitted documents, click the View as button and select a user group you’d like to review.

In the opened window, you can filter by the user roles, as well as search by user emails and group or user names. Keep in mind that you can select one user group at a time.

Once selected, you can view the list of documents available to this user group, browse through the documents tree, and check the level of permission given to each folder or file.

By default, both folders and files are listed, but you can switch to view files only by clicking Files.

Additionally, you can export the project index and folder contents from the viewpoint of the selected user group.

To select another user group for review, click a currently selected group on the top panel next to Viewing documents as.

To quit the “View as” mode and go back to your view, just click the cross sign.

Note: Q&A attachments are not displayed in the “View as” mode as their availability depends on specific user access to the Q&A section.

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