This Q&A functionality is available in the data rooms created after September 8, 2022 according to the subscription plan.

Full administrators of the data room can set up the Q&A section according to their project requirements and activate it for other users with a corresponding access level.

To get started, go to the Q&A tab of your data room and click Set up Q&A section.

The setup process takes a few steps, depending on the selected Q&A roles and settings.

Set up Q&A workflow

First of all, select the Q&A roles that will be present in your workflow.

Question submitter and Answer coordinator roles are enabled by default as the base participants.

On the right side, you can preview what your Q&A workflow would look like based on the selected roles. Learn more about available Q&A roles.

Click Next to proceed.

Assign users to the Q&A workflow

At this step, select which users will participate in Q&A and their respective roles.

On the Question side, Question drafters and Question submitters are grouped into question teams. To create teams and add users:

  • Click on New question team.

  • Enter the team name.

  • Click Select users to add the team members.

  • Select the Q&A role for the chosen team members.

Depending on the selected Q&A roles and settings in the previous step, you may have different selections of further setup for the Answer side.

If Expert and/or Answer approver roles were selected, click Assign in the corresponding sections and select which users will be participating with respective roles.

If Auto-assign questions to experts was enabled, categories should be created along with the assigning of experts.

Note: Each user can be assigned to one Q&A role at a time. The default Answer coordinator is the project administrator who is setting up the Q&A section. You can add other coordinators if needed.

Create categories

If the auto-assign setting wasn’t enabled on the first setup step, you will be able to create question categories in the separate step of the Q&A setup. Learn more about question categories.

Activate Q&A

Once you finish setup, click Activate Q&A in the top-right corner. Upon activation, the Q&A section will become visible to the selected Q&A participants.

Please keep in mind that project administrators with the Q&A role assigned can edit Q&A settings after activation at any time.

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