This Q&A functionality is available in the data rooms created after September 8, 2022 according to the subscription plan.

As soon as the Q&A section is set up and activated in the data room, all its settings can be managed in the Q&A settings menu.

The following tabs are available in the Q&A settings:

  • Workflow: review and change available Q&A roles in the workflow.

  • Q&A users: manage the users involved in the Q&A communication.

  • Question limits: set the limitations on the questions asked by the specific question team.

  • Categories: manage available question categories.

  • Other: adjust email notification settings.

Note: Only full administrators with the Q&A role assigned can access and manage these settings.

Changing Q&A workflow

In this tab, you can review and change the Q&A roles that were initially chosen during the Q&A setup. The workflow can be entirely changed by selecting or deselecting the required Q&A roles.

If you remove an existing role, the users assigned to it will no longer have access to the Q&A section. To enable their access to Q&A, you need to assign them another Q&A role.

Please keep in mind that:

  • If you remove the Question drafter role, then questions created by users with this role will remain unchanged, awaiting submission by the Question submitter.

  • If you remove the Expert role, the questions assigned to experts will become unassigned. The answer coordinator can answer unassigned questions.

  • If you remove the Answer approver role, then submitted answers with the status Awaiting approval and Answer rejected will remain in the same status. The answer coordinator won’t be able to submit answers to such questions. Hence, we recommend answering all remaining questions before removing the Answer approver role. If there is no need to provide answers to questions awaiting approval or with a rejected answer, then the Answer coordinator can close such questions.

Сlick Save in the top right corner to apply the changes.

Changing Q&A users

This section is divided into the Question side and the Answer side.

On the question side, you can create new question teams and manage existing ones by clicking Edit next to the corresponding team. In the editing mode, you can:

  • Delete the whole question team by clicking the Delete team button.

  • Add new users to the team or remove them. Click Edit in the team members section, select new users, and/or deselect those that should be removed from the team.

  • Change the Q&A roles of the team members if both the Question drafter and Question submitter are enabled on the question side.

  • Set a question limit for the team.

Once the whole question team or selected users are deleted, they can no longer access the Q&A section. The questions created by deleted users will remain unchanged, and other users with the corresponding access will see these questions.

On the answer side, there are 3 available roles: Answer coordinator, Expert, and Answer approver, which will be present depending on the selected Q&A workflow.

  • If there is a new role without users assigned, click Assign to add users.

  • If there are already assigned users, click Edit and select or deselect specific users.

  • If auto-assignment to experts is enabled, you can add or remove question categories along with assigning users to the Expert role.

Note: At least one user should be assigned to each Q&A role. Each user can be assigned to one Q&A role at a time.

Сlick Save in the top right corner to apply the changes.

Changing question limits

In this tab, you can review and edit the question limits for existing question teams.

To set a question limit:

  • Select a time span from the dropdown values.

  • Enter the number of questions, either total or specified for each priority.

  • Optionally, enable the setting Deny new questions on weekends.

The option "All time" has no time frame, so submitting new questions will be locked as soon as the specified limit is reached.

To remove an existing question limit, select No limit in the dropdown menu.

Note: Question limits can also be set up when creating a new question team and adjusted for the specific team in the Q&A users tab.

Сlick Save in the top right corner to apply the changes.

Learn more about team question limits.

Changing question categories

In this tab, you can rename or remove existing question categories and add new ones.

As soon as the changes are saved:

  • A new category name will automatically appear next to the existing questions created with an old category name.

  • If the category was deleted, existing questions created with this category will get the property No category assigned instead of the category name.

Note: If auto-assignment to experts is enabled, the categories can be reviewed and adjusted in the Q&A users tab while assigning users to the Expert role.

Сlick Save in the top right corner to apply the changes.


In this tab, you can adjust how the Q&A email notifications should look like. By default, all sensitive information is hidden. If you prefer the users to have a quick question overview right from their inbox, you can enable this setting.

Below you may find an example email notification with hidden vs. shown content.

Learn more about Q&A notifications.

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