This Q&A functionality is available in the data rooms created after September 8, 2022 according to the subscription plan. Learn about old Q&A settings

New questions can be created by the question side and answer coordinators on behalf of the question teams.

To create a new question, click the New question button and in the newly appeared window:

  • Select a question team on behalf of which you'd like to send a question (only for the Answer coordinator role).

  • Change the question priority if needed.

  • Select the question category if the categories are set up.

  • Enter the question subject.

  • Enter the text of your question.

  • Attach any files from your computer or link a file or a folder from the data room if needed.

  • Click Propose or Submit, depending on the Q&A role:

    • Question drafter (optional role) can only propose new question drafts that will be further reviewed and submitted by the Question submitter. Proposed questions are only visible to the question team to which the user belongs. In this case, the question status will be "Question drafted".

    • Question submitter (mandatory role) can both propose and submit new questions. The proposed question can be submitted later by either the same question submitter or another one. Once submitted, the question becomes visible to the answer side, and its status changes to "Question submitted".

    • Answer coordinator can only submit questions on behalf of the question team selected in the corresponding field. The answer coordinator's name will be visible to the question team, on behalf of which they submitted a question.

Before sending the question, you can also use various formatting options available at the bottom of the window.

Question drafters, question submitters, and answer coordinators can also import questions in bulk.

The option "Insert link to file or folder" allows linking the question to specific data room documents to which the question is related.

If you link data room documents to the question, the users can view them only according to their document permissions.

Users can also create a new question directly from the context menu of a data room folder or file. Selected documents will be automatically linked to the question.

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