This Q&A functionality is available in the data rooms created after September 8, 2022 according to the subscription plan.

The FAQ option helps to address the most commonly asked questions raised by various Q&A parties instead of answering similar questions created by each question team. Only users with the Answer coordinator role can create a new FAQ by following these steps:

  • Click the New FAQ button.

  • Change the question priority if needed.

  • Select the question category if the categories are set up.

  • Enter the question subject.

  • Enter the text of your question.

  • Enter the text of the answer to this question.

  • Attach any files from your computer or link a file or a folder from the data room if needed.

  • Click Submit.

Once submitted, the FAQ will be available to all question teams and answer coordinators.

Note: FAQ are submitted without prior approval from the Answer approver if this role is enabled.

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