This Q&A functionality is available in the data rooms created after September 8, 2022 according to the subscription plan. Learn about old Q&A settings

Each user can enable notifications on new Q&A activity. To adjust the notifications settings, click on your name in the top-right corner and go to the My notifications menu. To review and change your Q&A notifications:

  • Select My Q&A notifications.

  • Click Edit.

  • Select one of the options next to the field "Send emails about new Q&A activity”:

    • Instantly: email notifications will be sent as soon as there is a new activity available to the Q&A users.

    • Never: there won’t be any email notifications at all.

  • Click Apply.

Note: Q&A notifications are available only for users with access to the Q&A section. As soon as the user is assigned any Q&A role, their default notification setting is set to Instantly.

Data room administrators can also adjust users’ notification settings in the Users tab of a data room. To edit the user's Q&A notifications:

  • Select the user from the list.

  • Open Q&A settings on the right-side panel and click Edit.

  • Select the corresponding option in the field Send emails about new Q&A activity.

Note: Notification settings are applied on a data room level. If the user participates in a few projects simultaneously, they need to adjust their notification settings in each project separately.

Below you may find a summary of the activity sent via email notifications depending on the user’s Q&A role.

Q&A role


Question drafter

  • Submitted answers

  • Edited answers

  • Submitted FAQ

Question submitter

  • New proposed questions

  • Submitted answers

  • Edited answers

  • Submitted FAQ

Answer coordinator

  • New submitted questions

  • New follow-up questions

  • Rejected answers

  • New answers proposed by experts

  • Proposed answers edited by experts

  • New comments in the thread


  • New assigned questions

  • New answers proposed by experts

  • Proposed answers edited by experts

  • New comments in the thread

Answer approver

  • New answers submitted for approval

Note: Experts do not receive notifications nor see the activity on the questions not assigned to them.

Please keep in mind that if more than 7 new questions are submitted at once, then a consolidated notification will be sent to corresponding users. This is done to avoid too many emails resulting in any inconveniences for the users.

Notifications are not sent when:

  • Questions unassigned from experts.

  • The question thread was closed.

  • The previously closed question thread reopened.

  • The question thread was deleted.

Note: Disabled users do not receive any notifications about activity in the Q&A section, even if they still have an assigned Q&A role.

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